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See Ruth’s New Smile, Thanks to Dr. Jain!

New Smile Update: June 2014

I’ve hated my teeth and my smile most of my life. Most photos of me with my teeth showing are when I’m laughing, otherwise, I’ve mastered the closed-lip smile. But those days are over!

My first appointment with Dr. Jain included an exam and an assessment. She assured me my mouth wasn’t too messed up to fix, although I found that hard to believe. She took me through the process step by step exactly how she was planning to design a smile I only dreamed about. Then she gave me a couple of options on how I could pay for it. No one ever did that for me before and since I couldn’t afford it, I’ve gone without for a very long time.

And get this -- Dr. Jain is doing it all for me! I don’t have to go to a lot of different doctors to complete the process. Dr. Jain offers everything from teeth cleaning and whitening to braces, implants and veneers. Whether you want a brighter smile, need relief from jaw pain, or require a root canal, Dr. Jain offers a variety of services to fit your unique request.

My second visit took care of the first part of a root canal. Turns out I had an infected tooth, so she drained the gunk out it and we’re waiting for it to completely heal before she finishes it. I’ve only heard horror stories about root canals, but Dr. Jain is so good at her job, she made it a really good experience for me. She will finish my root canal towards the end of June.

My third and fourth visits took care of the deep cleaning process called, Root Planning. Dr. Jain really made it easy for me, thanks to the “conscious sedation.” I’ve had it done before and it was painful and uncomfortable. So much so, that I avoided having it done again. But the laughing gas makes it easy peasy!

Dr. Jain is the first dentist to tell me I have a lot of calcium in my saliva, which is why I get such bad tarter build up – even when I floss daily. The other dentists mostly lectured me about what a bad patient I was and accused me of not flossing enough.

During my fifth and sixth visits, Dr. Jain gave me six porcelain veneers, which look beautiful!

Future visits: finish my root canal, implants in two places (one each next to my veneers, to complete my smile!)

Since I started going to Dr. Jain, I no longer hate going to the dentist! I’ve never said that before in my entire life!

Brief History: Dentists have been telling me how messed up my teeth are for my whole life. My parents couldn’t afford braces for two kids, so my buck-toothed brother got them and I did not. He looked a lot worse than I did, so I was okay with it. The thing is, I had six baby teeth with no permanent teeth under them -- six!! I’m told it’s rare to have so many. Those tiny teeth hung on until I was in my 40’s and actually had them removed. So I haven’t had enough teeth in my mouth for a long time. But I wore braces for two years to move them around and it worked pretty well. But I didn’t follow up by wearing my retainer and they moved back, leaving some gaps. Well, Dr. Jain can fix ALL of that!

Worst Dentist Stories: The worst was a guy who told me I should marry a millionaire so he could knock out all of my teeth and start over! I swear he said that. Nice bedside manner, dude. That scared me away from all dentists for about five years. I had other dentists tell me I needed procedures – which in fact, I did not. Others told me how much it would cost to fix my smile, but provided no way to pay for it.

Right now, Dr. Jain is giving FREE EXAMS and FREE X-RAYS to DSC listeners, even without insurance! The first 20 listeners who call and mention DSC will receive FREE TEETH WHITENING with their exam and x-rays! Do yourself a favor and call Dr. Jain in San Marcos today at 760-480-1750 and mention Ruthie or DSC! Get your smile and confidence back and request an appointment today!

Each of the dentists at Dr. Jain’s office have advanced training in various aspects of dentistry so you can receive thorough dental care that positively influences your entire body. Systemic dental care is about treatment and prevention that not only affect your oral health, but your total wellbeing.

Also ask about: Dentures, Fixed Bridges, Sinus Lift, Bone Grafting & financing

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