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Fat Tuesday Newbie!

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By: Malia Pineda

Fat Tuesday Mardi Gras— What I think about when I hear about Fat Tuesday and Mardi Gras is the food, masks, and the copious amount of beads. I went to the Mardi Gras event for Fat Tuesday in Hillcrest and I can truly say that it was a unique experience. I may have been working, but it was a good experience to attend that night for the JACK event.

They had music, DJ's, and people in extravagant masked outfits dancing out along the streets. There was a Masquerade parade and then after party. I've heard of Mardi Gras and Fat Tuesday before, but I didn't really know too much about it. It was pretty fascinating. What I found amusing and yet awesome were the people dancing on floats throwing out festive goodies and beads in a vast array of colors out to the crowd.

People there were friendly and were all out to have a good time. There was dancing, cheering and mingling –and the music there was very dancy - with selections like Beyonce, in which I heard a group of three from across the street singing along at the top of their lungs to… "we be all night!" The décor and people there were very bright, colorful, and eye catching which looked pretty awesome.

All around the area were masks, capes, costumes, feathers, beads, and happy people intermingling, people dancing left to right, and people who were happy winning prizes from different vendors nearby. Along the streets, dancers associated with local clubs and dance groups were dancing along- some with lit up hula hoops and others holding flags. There were a couple of stilt walkers, fire dancers, and some "ladies" from Lips that I recognized that I've seen from where one of my good friends' birthday was celebrated a couple years back.

At this event, you meet many diverse people and witness some pretty interesting events, and may even see people you recognize whether from school or work in a different light. All in all, it was a good event. People were dancing, drinking, walking around buying food, and making memories with their friends with the excitement of the New Orleans's Mardi Gras in celebration of the Fat Tuesday before lent!

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