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Aussie Shenanigans Take Over Mardi Gras.

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By: Stephanos Gracia

Okay, I may not be Australian, but I did study there for six months. I use the term study lightly. I may have studied the extensive collection of wines of South Australia, rather the business books that I was sent there for.  The typical day in Australia consisted of a morning drink at the pub walking to school. Which was a socially acceptable occurrence; make that a requirement for any person trying to assimilate into the OZ culture. Then midday drink, and at night is where it got, well a little weird to say the least.

The nights over in Australia where nowhere near the typical American night. The pregame started at 12AM and the clubbing didn't end until 6AM. Indulging in wine was the way to go. Not because we were trying to be classy, which we are. It was a way of living, without going homeless, since the typical drink was about $15, versus $12 for 5 gallons of wine. Always remember: portion control. No, I am not talking about the outrageous sizes of our American food portions, which I absolutely love. Where was I? Oh yea, I was explaining the unexplainable events that occurred at Mardi Gras in the Gaslamp of the classiest city in the world, SAN DIEGO.

So, meeting up with my friend, whom I "studied" abroad with two years ago, we decided to venture into the unknown territory of beads, music, lights, dancing, and outrageous costumes. However, 20 minuets into it, we found ourselves running down Market Street, nowhere near the indulgence.  With the flash of an eye, we made it to the San Diego State campus enjoying a Sigma Pi burrito, at the best Mexican joint ever…Trujillo's. Suddenly, with another flash we managed to win a game of bowling at SDSU. Or at least we were yelling, and jumping up and down saying we won in our minds. Remember, how I said in Australia the pregame didn't start till 12AM? Well, my friend and I were never apart of those pregames. We were the ones who always started way too early, and were asleep by midnight. I know you all have friends like that… Come clean dirty. Any who, how does this relate to Fat Tuesday? Well we beat the OZ record, and made it home before 10PM. All in all pretty successful night, even woke up feeling great for a 9am paddle boarding session, that's how it is suppose to be done

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