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Beating the Freshmen/Senior 15

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By: Malia Pineda

Who here has heard of the freshman 15? We've all heard the warnings, but nobody has ever warned us of the sophomore 15, the junior 15, nor the senior 15. In between going to classes, working, volunteering, and studying, I have very little to no energy to exercise. How do I get the energy to do even the bare minimum required for the typical life of a college student? I eat.

I grew up eating whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. I never worried about calories and aside from the growth that comes with age; I've never had to worry about my size. I'm 21 now and in my last year of college…and this lifestyle has slowly taken its toll on me although I've never let it defeat me.

I work out often but I can't seem to wrap my head around eating healthier. When I'm up late studying, chips and chocolate are my best friend. When I have to wake up early to drive through rush hour and make it to class, caramel macchiatos with extra whipped cream are my best friend. When I'm rushing to and from anything and everything, food is always there providing me with comfort. So why must I give up what I love when it's there during my toughest times? Life sucks.

Luckily, my life is filled with family who all share the same goals of working out, dieting, and making a lifestyle change. My oldest sister is getting married this year and wanted something to motivate her into losing weight and fitting into a dress. Don't get me wrong – she works out at cross fit and eats healthy most of the time – but she wanted something to hold her accountable in the little time she had left before the big day. She gathered a bunch of our family members and created a challenge similar to "The Biggest Loser."

To get an idea of my competition, I'm competing against my sister who does Crossfit, my sister in the Air Force, my lifeguard cousin who works out for a living, and another cousin who is competing in a bikini bodybuilding show. These are just to name a few – not including the heavy-set competitors who have a lot to lose (which makes it easier for them to lose a lot).

It goes without saying that it's time to get serious. I'm here to welcome you to join me on my journey of saying goodbye to yummy foods and hello to a new lifestyle. I'll share my progress, the obstacles I'm facing, and the things I've learned.


Here's to losing body fat, gaining muscle, and maybe getting a little healthier.

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