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Selfie Week

Congratulations to Diane D. and her daughter, winners of the DSC's Selfie Contest!

Here's a compilation of selfies from our listener Diane D.

My 15 year old daughter that has Down's Syndrome is constantly taking pics of herself...and they are hilarious!! Thought I'd share a few of my favorites!

It's "Selfie Week" on the DSC!

Monday 5:25am... Shelly and Dave kickin' off "Selfie Week" with this bad boy.

Is that Lisa Rinna? Oh, wait.

This shot is from our listener Janis S.

I was camping in Anza Borrego one weekend and wanted to capture the moment with my best dog, Bodi. I took this picture with a small Cannon Elf & the screen was pretty scratched up, so I wasn't able to view this photo until I downloaded them on my computer. I got a pretty good chuckle when I saw it :) P.S. check out the shadow of my arm

Here's a selfie after a food allergy from our listener Jon.

Here's a personal favorite from listener Geoff H.

Listener Ashley H. - excited and silly

Here's a shot from our listener Rick C.

I was trying to show everybody how ridiculous their "duckface" selfies looked and this is what I came up with.

Hey guys! Here is one selfie of me with my son NJ. Love your show!

Elfie Selfie!

Platypus selfie! My son took this after smacking his face on the outer bar of the trampoline. Love your show. - Kim Adams

Went up to the snow the last time San Diego had any. My husband grew some long nose hairs at the last moment by accident. - Listener Summer Day and Hubby

This is what my 12 yr oldsselfies look like. Love your show. - Lance

Selfie with a sign!

Completely dark room with tv on. - Listener Uncle Dennis

I'll take all the kisses I can get, even if only from my dog Baileigh girl! - Cathy B.

Baby on a trampoline selfie! - Joshua G.

"Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope" No one finds tanning beds as fun as I do. Thought of you guys yesterday. Love your show. - Genna

It's me in my studio hard at work during The DSC Show! - Ruthie

Me and my pal Jack. - Craig B.

Car Selfie! - Wayne R.

Here's a selfie of ME, Ali Hiiiiiiigh, while I post all of your selfies to the site! Pay no attention to that trio behind me...

Hope you like! - Christina

My corgi Licia did this selfie......really Dave.....she did!!!

Me and my corgi Licia - Amy S.

Duck face! See how goofy it looks, ladies???? - James J.

My selfie while hiking with my pup! - Julie I.

I couldn't decide which one to send. So I sent one of my little Brother and I. Another picture of my my Husband and I. Love your show! - Jennifer S.

Here's a selfie you'll never forget!

A selfie greeting from my daughter! BTW you have all met her, when she was 2 years old; back in the food drive days during Thanksgiving. It's Teri a Zany Chick (grunt)

Patriotic selfie!

Motorcycle selfie!

Ed with his crow Etta James

A selfie in shining armor! - David and Melanie S.

So I took this selfish right before I was going into surgery, they gave a nice cocktail, I had no idea I even took it!! When I woke up from surgery, everyone was laughing at me, I guess my hubby was trying to take the phone out of my hand while they were wheeling me into surgery, I had to post it!! Lol. Enjoy it.- Nicole N.

No make up selfie! MY LOONEY TUNES WALLS AROUND ME! - Sheree M.

This is my crew and I delivering the morning paper to the back country.

Listener Manny's daughter Arianna

Two peas in a pod! - Kara G.

Selfies in San Diego Bay Kayak fishing. - Steve W.

Do you like my moustache? Love the show! - Vicki Miller

When I heard of selfie week, I immediately thought of my nephew Xavier! He loves taking pics! So I asked his mom to send me his most recentselfies and here's what I got lol too cute! Hope we win :) - Angie

Ridin' the merry-go-round! - Jonathan P.

Wife and I freezing on the Great Wall in China. - David G.

A post workout selfie. BTW, Emily is beautiful. - Kevin

Ballerina selfie! - Mr. Blond

Here's a selfie for ya. - DJ Jonny Roxx

What a pair of stunning selfies from our very own Chainsaw and Sam the Cooking Guy!

Duck face selfie in a fork less forklift in chula-juana. - Tim P.

Here's DSC Executive Producer, Emily Maguire, in her radio studio at Jack-FM!

Blonde selfie!

120 mile round trip for a #21 giant size from Jersey Mike's. Way worth it! - Robert

It's not every day you see a selfie of a horse! - Ron

Selfie!!! Tell the truth, tell a lie, tell the truth, tell a lie! LIE! LIE! LIE! - Johnny JC G.

Home sick day 3 of dog love to help me feel better....they are the best! - Anna

Here's a selfie of Dave's wife, Nicole, with her horse Samson!

A selfie of the one and only Chris Boyer.

Selfie reflection

Is that an Elvis selfie?

Selfie Hugs from Tijuana:D

I sent this to you guys a few years ago around the time of the Airshow. I figured I would submit it again for the DSC selfie contest. Love your show! - Duke A.

Selfie of Spideygirl and Mini Batman at a school Boo-fest. LYS. And if you couldn't tell, I'm going for the "awww how cute" factor - Karina M.


Selfie of me & Roxy! - Karen W.

Here are a couple of selfie's I took whilst shaving my beard, I think I might be Lemmy from Motorhead next Halloween, what do you think? - Ross S.

Selfie my husband Ronnie took with our 17 month old daughter Shelby. Enjoy! - Nicole M.

Selfie from IB pier. - Jennifer C.

Inspired by Keith Anderson's song "Pickin Wildflowers" - Haley T.

Me and my best friend, Max. - Connie B.

Me and my friend took this with a canine friend we met at the local animal shelter. The little guy's got some mad photo skills, fur a DOG! ;-p - Greg

Team BS Selfie! - Melisss

"I'm Awesome" selfie - Cody G.

Selfie in sunglasses. - DJ

Mugshot Selfie - Jim

My morning ride through Carlsbad. Hi Emily;) - Greg D.

Selfie in a hat. - Donald

Pick me! I just got braces!! Love, Rachel (Julie's daughter)

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