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Miley Cyrus: From Disney to Dirty

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By: Blake Willahan

Remember that innocent teenage girl who starred in "Hannah Montana" 7 years ago? Yeah, neither do I.  Obviously, I'm talking about Miley Cyrus.  The girl whose newest music video debut's her swinging on a gigantic wrecking ball completely naked, licking a sledgehammer. Everyone had such high hopes for the former Disney Channel star of becoming a great role model to young women.  But clearly, following in the footsteps of Lindsey Lohan and Britney Spears wasn't her best decision. 

I don't know about you, but I actually enjoy the song "Wrecking Ball."  It's raw, emotional and many people can relate to the heartbreak she's going through with recent fiancé, (and my future husband) Liam Hemsworth.  It's everything a song should be - not to mention super catchy. Now I'm all for self expressionism, but I would rather not see my sixth grade idol in her birthday suit fondling inanimate objects.  Then again, the video does have over 150 million views so maybe she's doing something right. 

Miley has been receiving a plethora of negative media attention lately; her raunchy VMA performance and expressive music videos are just a few to say the least. Miley was also featured on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine on September 24.  In the 4-page spread titled "Miley Cyrus: Confessions of Pop's Wildest Child," the 20-year-old does nothing to salvage her tainted image; in fact she achieves quite the opposite.  First of all, the story begins in a tattoo parlor where she gets the tattoos ROLLING on the bottom of her right foot and $TONE on her left…my point exactly. Throughout the interview, Miley consistently drops the f-bomb and displays trashy behavior like telling paparazzi to "fu*& off" and publicly drinking underage at a club in Hollywood. 

Nonetheless, in the end Miley Cyrus is clearly not America's Sweetheart anymore but that's the way she wants it.  As said in Rolling Stone, "She knows what you think about her-and she totally doesn't care."  So everyone start placing your bets about what this unpredictable artist will do next, I'm leaning towards cutting all her hair off…no, doing drugs…no, getting naked.  Wait a second…what hasn't she done?

Check out the "Evolution of Miley" and her interview in the October 10th, 2013 issue of Rolling Stone:

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