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Empire of the Sun - A Band to Fall in Love With

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By: Kirsten Nicolaisen

While a large community of people love, and practically worship, electronic dance music, many people don't consider it to be music at all. Many people feel that EDM is simply a loud and messy culmination of sounds and that it greatly lacks any form of musical talent. Being a lover of all electronic music, I strongly disagree; however, I have recently fallen in love with an electronic band that I feel possesses more musical talent than most: Empire of the Sun.

In my opinion, Empire of the Sun blurs the line between EDM and indie pop, but I understand that some would disagree with me—not considering them an EDM group whatsoever. Regardless of opinions about what genre Empire of the Sun falls under, one can't deny the fact that this band produces upbeat powerful melodies that vibrate the heart, send chills up the spine and make one simply want to dance.

Empire of the Sun performed at EDC in Las Vegas earlier this summer, and was practically the only electro band there to actually have instruments on stage. So for those who argue that electronic artists don't posses any musical talent, I think studying the music of Empire of Sun might change their minds.

Empire of the Sun is an Australian-born duo comprised of Luke Steele of the alternative rock bank, The Sleepy Jackson, and Nick Littlemore of EDM group, Pnau. The duo released their first album "Walking on a Dream" in October of 2008 which went platinum in Australia and gold in the U.S. Their singles such as "Walking on a Dream," "We are the People," and "Standing on the Shore," also rose high on the charts in Australia, New Zealand, the U.S. and the U.K. With the release of their second album "Ice on the Dune" this past June of 2013, the band has again become extremely popular and has been touring and performing in music festivals such as EDC and HARD Summer in Los Angeles.

While many EDM lovers or people in the rave community love to listen and dance to Empire of the Sun's music, I encourage people who are typically opposed to that particular style to take a listen. It's electronic and it's not. It's an experience and it's definitely worth a listen. 

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