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Intern Critic: "We Can’t Stop Music" Video

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By: Stephanie Saccente

Miley Cyrus released the music video to her single "We Can't Stop" yesterday and with over 5 million views already, the former Hannah Montana star has made it quite clear she's outgrown her Disney ways. When she's not twerking, making out with dolls in swimming pools or dry humping the bed, Cyrus can be seen dancing with oversized teddy bears and spanking her friends. This total 180 from her once squeaky clean image proves Cyrus has clearly fallen off the deep end and has no desire to regain her sanity anytime soon. If you haven't seen the video or listened to the song, you're not missing much.

Sure the song may sound like the perfect party song on the surface, but listen a little harder and you'll hear Cyrus's constant reference to "dancing with Molly, homegirls with big butts and doing lines in the bathroom." If this video is any indication for what Cyrus or artists alike will produce in the future, then I'm highly concerned for the future of music videos to come. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for artist creativity and if the goal was to create an elicit reaction, that was definitely accomplished but really… how much drugs was Cyrus on in this video?

In short, this video can be described as a total hot mess. I can't help but wonder what her parents were thinking watching their 20-year-old daughter seductively strutting around the set of the video wearing barely any clothes and making all these drug references. While I'm no fan of hers, I must admit, I am excited to see what desperate efforts she whips up next. All aboard the Cyrus Hot Mess Express!

See the madness for yourself. Check out the We Can't Stop video here.  

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