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Intern Critic: The Purge

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By: Kevin Luster

Yesterday evening included a stop over at the Fashion Valley Theater in order to purge. No, I wasn't suffering from a self-conscious compulsion to reproduce yesterday's lunch. Rather, I was taking in the new feature film "The Purge." 

            The film chronicles an "all-American" family living in a reformed United States.  Unemployment is at its lowest rate of all time, the economy is flourishing, and crime has is all but been eradicated.  All these good fortunes are due to the annual "Purge," put in place by the "new founding fathers."  A night for self-described "patriotic" Americans to release their rage, "The Purge" provides twelve hours of consequence free criminality. All emergency services are suspended and everything is legal, including murder. 

            Though the execution (see what I did there) is more along the lines of an imposter "Hunger Games," all value of the feature is not lost. "The Purge" begs the question; how far are you willing to go in order to protect yourself or your family?  This becomes abundantly apparent when the dutiful American father, played by Ethan Hawk, is foiled by his son, Max Burkholder, after he lets a purge victim inside the fortified walls of their home, and puts the whole family in danger. 

            Though it was loaded with the typical surprise scares and cheesy masked killers, there were some truly eerie scenes that sent shivers down the spine, to include the menacing alarm signaling the beginning of the Purge.  The Purge does walk the fine line between what is moral and what is barbaric.  Barbaric of course, refers to Ethan Hawks acting.        

            The conclusion, without ruining the HUGE twist, left plenty of ends untied, can you say "Purge 2: The Binge." I smell a franchise!  All in all, this viewer gives the flick two thumbs up and a couple of other fingers as well.   

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