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Dragons, Imps, Swords, and Sex

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By: Hilary Harper

Game of Thrones is a show filled with debauchery, nudity, and scandals. It will take over your life for 10 weeks and then disappear until the next season starts almost a year later. If you're one of those just starting the HBO series now, I strongly suggest calling in sick or canceling your plans immediately because you have some catching up to do before the mayhem that is about to take place this Sunday, June 2nd. The show only takes one episode to hook you, but it isn't something you can just jump into. Every episode has several different stories going on and a lot to take in so don't even to try multitask while watching it or you are guaranteed to be lost. With only two more episodes left in the season, there is still a lot that is about to happen. I personally hope the season ends with King Joffrey dying and Daenerys taking over. If you watch the show, you probably agree because if you like Joffrey, you don't have a soul… sorry. So let's cross our fingers for the best, and enjoy the last two episodes that are left because we have a long wait until season 4. 

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