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Oh BOY! Literally.

We're about to have a baby again, a boy this time (in case you couldn't tell by my clever title to this blog entry). Part of me is less nervous this time because we've done this once before and I know some things will be easier and I won't be as stressed about the small stuff. The other part of me is more nervous because we'll have TWO little humans we're in charge of, one of which is a very "spirited" toddler. That's a nice way of saying she definitely has some strong opinions these days (I hear the word "NO!" a lot lately).

I'll be back in a few months once the baby is old enough to be left alone with the dog (kidding, don't call CPS). And just like last time I was on maternity leave, I'll miss the heck outta my radio family and all of our listeners! I have the best job in the whole world and I feel so lucky that I get to do it for a living.

I wouldn't leave you guys hangin', JT will be filling in for me while I'm out swaddling, burping and getting peed on. He'll keep you up to date on local events with Jacktivities, afternoon traffic, and he'll keep spinning my Wheel of Whatever and giving things away every afternoon around 3:20. He's an incredibly talented guy and more importantly a very nice guy. So, rest assured, I'm leaving your ears in good hands... wait, that sounds weird.

Ok, send me all your positive vibes for the quickest, most painless labor and delivery ever known to man. I want this baby to just FLY out... well, once I get to the hospital. Not one of those freaky, side-of-the-road Daddy delivery situations. 

XOXO, Sara

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