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Tween Overload at Ed Sheeran

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February 13, 2013 -

By: Hilary Harper

Last night I attended the Ed Sheeran concert at the Spreckles Theater, excited to hear the man who has one of the most beautiful voices around. Little did I know I would be at what seemed like a Jonas Brothers concert, filled with screaming teenagers who weren't even old enough to drive. Despite the distraction the teenagers caused with their shrieking and lewd comments (not sure why some 13 year old would yell that she wants Ed's babies), he blew the audience away with his amazing musical ability. Up there alone with just an acoustic guitar, Ed created all background noises himself. To make the bass in songs he would either beatbox or drum his guitar, then play the noise back on the speakers by tapping a peddle with his foot. Although there were no crazy guitar solos or long Bonham style drum improvisations, Ed's lyrics and musical innovations captivated the audience. It took a couple polite requests on Ed's part to get the audience to quiet down in order to hear some of the more sentimental songs, but he was able to move his audience in such a memorable way. Despite the fact these teenage girls wouldn't stop throwing things on stage and screaming little nick names at him, this show still makes it up there on the list of my favorite concerts of all time. I would definitely recommend seeing Ed Sheeran next time he comes around, because there is nothing more amazing than seeing him play The A Team live.


Listen to the "The A Team" here.

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