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Shame Comes in the Form of Feathers

By John Saunders

While most Olympiads aim their focus mainly towards the gold, circumstances left the Chinese Badminton team staring straight into the eyes of disqualification.

Before I describe the devastation in the most elaborate of ways, let me outline the cause of this outcome. Heading into the semifinals, China, South Korea, and Indonesia knew that a loss in the next round would result in a better placement in the next phase.

So what's the plan of attack? You guessed it. Lose that game like it's nobody's business. But when officials caught on to the scandal, eight players from the squads were disqualified from the games.

This tragic penalty knocked out any chance of China receiving gold in what they call the "feather hair ball" sport. The entire team took a huge hit, but none bigger than the one Badminton star Yu Yang took.

Yu, who won a gold medal during the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, promptly went on Chinese state television to beg forgiveness "because we did not comply with the Olympic spirit, and did not deliver a match with our true level to the audience, the fans and the friends."

Not only was her dignity off of whack, but Yu ultimately decided to retire from the sport all together. On Wednesday, Yu announced with her handy dandy microblog. "This is my last time competing. Goodbye Badminton World Federation, goodbye my beloved badminton," she wrote. "You have heartlessly shattered our dreams."

So while 15 year old kids are swimming world records and executing flabbergasting flips, let's take a moment to honor those who were brave enough to stray from the norm of the Olympic Games and give us the humor and entertainment we Americans expect.

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