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Mars One: Jersey Shore in Space

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By: Marin Morales

Before all you jump out of your seats in excitement to see America's favorite fist-pumping-guido's floating around our solar system, you should know that they're not actually going to. Not yet anyways.


The project is called Mars One and it is the first permanent settlement on Mars. That's right, a permanent settlement, on a different planet. There are many questions that you are probably asking yourself at this point, a few of them might be: Is this a joke? Is this a grassroots marketing campaign for another bad space thriller? ( i.e. Red Planet) How exactly are they planning on paying for this lovely galactic community?


Well I do have answer to one of these questions. Mars One is doing what any self-respecting company does when they need cash for a project. They're turning it into a reality show. You know so the entire family can watch live as four astronauts hang out and do science. Sounds like an Emmy winner for sure.


I know it sounds like a dream come true but there is one huge catch for those who want go play house on our favorite red planet. Bas Lansdrop, the chemical and mechanical engineer from the Netherlands who is spearheading the project, has another way to cut costs. He's giving his astronauts a one-way ticket to the settlement, that way they never have to worry about the pesky problem of "getting back to Earth". Hell of a catch right?


I'll admit I am not a rocket scientist but I do have PHD in "Not Believing Everything Posted the Internet" and so still I  have my doubts about Mars One's validity. If anyone can come up with evidence that this isn't total scam, please feel free to share.


I mean their website looks pretty good, and that usually proves evidence enough for most of you.


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