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My kid wrote a poem at school

By Allie Rickards

Like a solider


Like a guardian angel

They sit, watch and wait for destruction

They protect us from our greatest fears

Even if it's the hardest thing to do

They watch over us, protecting us like a guardian angel

They are soldiers


Like an Eagle

They are brave, bold, and recognizable

They have instincts, and a reason to fight

Even if spreading their wings in their greatest time of fear,

They are brave like an eagle

They are soldiers


Like reliability

They fight when they are sick

They fight when they are tired,

Even if they don't feel safe, they are fighting

They are a symbol of reliability

They are soldiers


Like a Diamond

They are hard as rock,

They are wanted by many, but hard to find

Even if they get scratched up along the way

They still are the strongest things in the world

They are soldiers


Like Music

They are inspirational

They change people

Even if some people hate what they're doing

They're still awakening

They are soldiers


Like a Soldier

They watch over us,

They are brave for us,

They are reliable for us,

 They are tough for us,

They are our inspiration

They are our soldiers

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