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The Hipster Counter attack

-Marin Morales 

First of all the Stars Wars movies are some of the greatest movies of all time, not to mention teaching us valuable lessons like: Why you should ask someone if they're your long lost twin sister before you make-out with them.That's beside the point, see I've been digitally trash canned for being nerd here at the office but I will gladly claim that title because Star Wars is freaking AWESOME.

Now on to the Instagram issue. I think everybody should be a little less worried that every hipster's go to iPhone app is now available to the world at large, and a little more concerned about how Facebook is aiming to take over the world in a very Galactic Empire sort of way. Yes Mark Zuckerburg may simply be your run of the mill geeky college guy/multi-billion dollar entrepreneur, but that hoodie is starting to look a lot like the black robes of Emperor Palpatine. Facebook is slowly but efficiently taking control of the most popular social media outlets, not long ago they merged with the well-known video chat company Skype, and now have decided to take control of the extremely popular social media app Instagram.

So to all the haters (Hilary) who are taking this deal lightly, let me just remind you the people of Alderaan never saw it coming either. 

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