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A Man's Best Friend

- Hilary Harper

Imagine if your family dog could talk like Brian on Family Guy. Strange concept I know, but realistically I am sure everyone would agree that they'd probably be your most reliable companion. Seth Macfarland (creator of Family Guy) uses this idea in his new feature film Ted, starring Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis. Mark's character wishes his teddy bear was real, and the next thing he knows he has a new best friend. When the trailer for the movie came out recently, I assumed anything with a talking stuffed animal in it would be along the lines of any stupid animation movie, but given that it's made by the creator of Family Guy, I figured there might be hope. Although the trailer may start out somewhat of a cheesy love story, it abrutly turns into what will become another outlet of Seth Mcfarlane's raunchy humor.  This movie is lewd and hilarious, but with a slight twist. Sure it may seem like the typical guy movie with all the sexual humor and hot girls in it, but anyone with a sense of humor should be able to enjoy this. There are some serious themes, like his friendship with Ted complicating his love life, while there are some not so serious moments (and maybe not so appropriate). But it's those inappropriate and hilarious parts of the movie that drew me to this summer comedy. I'm not sure how I would feel if my teddy bear turned out like this one, but it sure makes great entertainment. 


Check out the "All ages trailer" here, or view the original one at your own risk…




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