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My TV crush cover guy!

By Ruth 66

My favorite TV crush is on the March cover of Out magazine, so I wanted to share these tough guy photo's of the 6'5" Joe Manganiello. Since that's a gay mag, I wondered if he was outing himself. The article doesn't mention anything about his relationship status, except to confirm that he broke up with his fiance of one year and is now single. 

In case you didn't know, the handsome, 35 year old actor stars in the vampire/werewolf series, True Blood, on HBO and has signed on for another  five seasons. We can see him again on the new season beginning this summer. Joe became "an instant sex symbol when he debuted in the series in 2010."

"True Blood was Manganiello's big break, but after his first season, he was broke. He spent all of his earnings on a personal trainer (the same one who whipped Hugh Jackman into Wolverine shape) to transform him into an athletic dynamo."

"I like working hard," he says. "It's my letter of gratitude to Alan Ball for giving me this opportunity. Vampires are animated corpses. They can get away with not looking like they go to a gym. I'm a wild animal -- that's how I should look."

This summer, Joe stars in the stripper movie, Magic Mike. It's based on costar Channing Tatum's pre-Hollywood career as an erotic dancer.   Tatum also co-produced the film.  It has quite a hunky cast, also starring  Matthew McConaughey and TV's Matt Bomer.

Joe plays a dancer named Big Dick Richie. Out magazine asked if he stuffed his g-string for the role and Joe told them to wait and see for themselves when the film is released in June. Joe did some research for role by interviewing a former male stripper. He tells Out, "All the guys he worked with were dead or in rehab, but it was the time of his life -- this insanely destructive lifestyle, this club life. It was sex, drugs, and rock ‘n' roll... and getting paid to take your clothes off and have sex."

Manganiello promises Magic Mike will incorporate all of the complexities of the grind. "There are a lot of drugs, the overdosing, the depraved lifestyle," he says. "But on the other side, it's hilarious."  Joe is familiar with that type of life, but has been sober for ten years.

" Besides Magic Mike,  Joe will also appear in the ensemble comedy What to Expect When You're Expecting. He recently filmed a guest spot on White Collar thanks to its star, the recently out, Matt Bomer, who also appears in Magic Mike -- he and Bomer have been friends since drama school at Carnegie Mellon. "

The more places he turns up, the better for me! Love, love, love him!




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