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Dinosaur Jr.- "Beyond" the "Farm" and Far From Extinct...

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Dinosaur Jr. is a legendary alternative rock three piece that's been around since 1984. They are contemporaries of Nirvana and the Pixies, and their sound consists of: Loud. But not like, "Geez, this band is using volume to compensate for poorly written songs". No, not like that at all. Loud, as in: "Wow, this band is amazing, and would still be amazing if they were not as loud, but that fact that they are this loud, is even better, Ana". Oh yea, the imaginary person in that example is talking to a girl named Ana. About Dinosaur Jr... and we're back. Dinosaur Jr. was a monumental force in bringing lead guitar back to the Indie rock world, and was a staple of the 90's alternative rock sound. Its tough to explain what they sound like without just listening to them (try describing the color orange without using red or yellow), just check out the video below for a taste... Anyway, this band was "extinct" for a period of time beginning in the late 90's. After pursuing other projects and solo careers, this band reunited in 2005. But this was not some kind of "we need to make some cash and you know the people still love us so lets drag them out to shows and play our early stuff, even though we still hate each other" tour. They toured, healed some of those old rock wounds and realized that the energy was still there. They have since made two records, Beyond in 2007, and Farm in 2009. Check out their 1988 record, Bug, and the amazing 1993 release, Where You Been. For a chance to win free tickets to their Dec. 13th show at Belly Up, as well as free dinner at the Wild Note Cafe, enter the "Dinner and a Show" contest at 100.7 Jack FM - San Diego.



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