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Fun Google tricks!

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By Ruth 66

I can't help thinking the employee's at Google try to have fun at their jobs and they like to share it with the rest of us. We're all familiar with the Google Doodles they create for holidays, birthdays and a few obscure occasions.  Check out today's Google Doodle for Veteran's Day. 

But I found a couple of fun things for you to look up on the most popular search engine in the world,  

Type in:  Tilt and click enter. (The whole page tilts.)

Then Enter:  "Do a Barrel Roll" and click enter. (The whole page spins around in a 360.)

Type in: What is the loneliest number. (It has an answer for you.)

Type in: Askew (See tilt.)

Enter: Where is Chuck Norris? (It will take you to a page that says, "Google won't search for Chuck Norris because it knows you don't find Chuck Norris, he finds you. Suggestions: Run, before he finds you or Try a different person)    

Enter: "Google gravity" and click "I'm Feeling Lucky. (The contents drop to the bottom of the page.)

But not all the weird stuff found in Google products is there on purpose. Incredible and incredibly strange satellite images of bottomless pits, underwater cities and car accidents have been captured by the Google Earth satellites. 


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