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My angry gnome

We attempted to take our daughter Lilah trick-or-treating but by the time we got 3 houses she was verging on a full-blown meltdown. I mean, what's so scary about Halloween? It's just large gourds carved with angry faces and jagged teeth with flames coming out, skeletons and graves on people's front lawns, people with scary masks that have blood dripping out of their eyeballs, witches, bloody limbs hanging from people's front porches and going door to door asking for candy from complete strangers... guess I answered my own question.

Trying to get Lilah to wear her gnome hat. FAIL. 

It looks like she's laughing but she's actually crying, pretty hard. FAIL.

Oh! Maybe it'll be fun to go to the crazy house decked out like Charlie & the Chocolate Factory and meet an Oompa Loompa! FAIL.

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