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Betty White is hot!

By Ruth 66

Emmy winner, Betty White is still hot at age 89 and proving it in her first rap video! Seriously, it's called "I'm Still Hot" and it'll be out in November. The Life Settlement Company unveiled the first of 12-second YouTube clips from its still-unreleased music video yesterday. Betty stars with British techno sensation, Luciana, six mega-muscular, scantily clad men and a snake. She raps and break dances. It's her real voice, but not her real dancing. The song has already sold well without Betty, but she agreed to do the re-mix to raise money for the LA Zoo. 

Betty told Fox News, "Music videos are not necessarily close to me, but animals always are. It's a switch for me, but it's fun and they gave me these nice young men to work with that are built like little brick houses."

Betty belts out lines like, "I will get you sweaty cause I'm the big Betty" and "I left my Emmy's in the beat box."

Rebranding itself to a younger audience, The Lifeline Program hopes America's most trusted celebrity's bold dance moves and catchy rhymes will reach out to social media savvy boomer consumers, those 75 million Americans born between 1946 and 1964.

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