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The Doors 40th anniversary tour

The Doors will always be remembered as Jim Morrison's band and no one
could ever truly replace him or not be reminded of him while listening to one of the best
musical acts to ever live. To many, Morrison is considered to be the epitome of rock
in the sixties with his smooth voice and crazy antics, including urinating all over a Los
Angeles audience which got the idol arrested off stage. As most informed people know
Morrison is no longer with us as he joined the famous 27 club, along with Jimi Hendrix,
Kurt Cobain, Robert Johnson, Janis Joplin etc. nearly forty years ago almost congruent
with the release of one of The Doors most praised albums, "L.A. Women".
With the fortieth anniversary of both L.A. Women and Morrison's death Robby
Krieger and Ray Manzarek, original members of The Doors, are back to reunite for the
summer and play the music of one of the greatest bands ever. To replace Morrison they
got a younger guy who had formally sang for a Doors cover band, "Wild Child".
This past weekend I was actually lucky enough to be able to attend one of their
shows that took place at Pacific Amphitheater in Costa Mesa, CA. When they came out
I wasn't surprised that they still had it with Ray Manzarek belting out on the organ sweet
talking the crowd with his hauntingly smooth voice and Robby Krieger going completely
insane on the guitar. Every person in the theatre was standing on their feet and continued
throughout the entire show. What did creep me out a bit, however, was Brocks similarity
to Morrison. It felt as if I was listening to a full studio album from back in the day and
trust me I am a very skeptical person to what is considered good and up to par, especially
when it comes to Morrison, I was in disbelief how good of a job he did to try and fill
these shoes. As a twenty year old, this is probably as close to the "sixties experience" I
will ever get without having to truly be "experienced" as Jimi Hendrix would say.

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