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Did I get my pie and eat it too?

By Bree

This past Sunday a big group of my friends decided to go up to Julian for a hike! This was my very first trip up to Julian, I had heard of hiking up there but I didn't even KNOW about the pie! Once I found out about this fabulous pie, I decided it would be a good idea to pack up the backpack and head out for the hike. We started our journey right about 9:30am in San Diego, taking three cars to get up there my car decided to miss the 79 hwy and take the long way around, and very windy road (I get very car sick, not fun) About two hours later we finally made it into the town of Julian and I loved every minute of it, I had no idea what to expect, I loved that small town vibe, I couldn't believe I had just been in a major city and escaped so quickly, I grew up in a big city and rarely experience towns like this, I felt like a stereotypical city girl because just the site of a town hall got me excited, even the fact that they didn't have a stop light, but I didn't care because it made me realize how great the simplest things in life are.

As we head on our supposed 6 mile hike I soon find out that the guy who planned the trip lied about the length of the hike to get us all out there! Turns out it was over 7 miles (granted not that much longer but up hill, it's a drastic difference!) The scenery was breath taking, along with the many run-ins we had with cows! About 5 miles in, we started to talk about the pie, which made the trek even longer, pretty sure I was delirious singing songs as I had to be guided through up hill battles, one foot in front of the other; after 2.5 hours we finally conquered the hike and were very much ready for pie and a shower, my skin was two shades darker from the dust and dirt! As we head to Julian Pie Company, dreaming of the sandwich, drink, and pie combo, our hopes are crushed…NO COMBO on the weekends! So it was a group decision to eat solid food before pie and after all that I didn't even get pie because I was so full from lunch and just wanted a shower. L  We do have plans to return to Julian next week to hike to the waterfall! And you best believe I will get my pie! (and eat it too ;) )


I really want to try the peach apple! (not a big fan of plain apple! I need advice) For those of you who have been to Julian, what pie should I get?!

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