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This weekend I joined Boyer on a Scout trip.  This is what happened.....


No worries, no one got hurt!  But, I was honored enough to be a part of the Scout's first tip over.  Kind of a funny story actually...we were steadily heading up to Pancake Rock, and had gotten pretty far, when someone from our group behind us tipped over.  Apparently it was pretty bad, so they asked us to turn around.  BIG mistake.  We turned around onto a drop, and tipped right over!  I sat there hanging for what seemed like forever, but was probably 20 seconds.  Luckily for me, it was tipped onto Boyer's side!  Well, kind of lucky, once I unbuckled the seat belt I practically fell onto him.  Then, we both had to climb out.  Fuel was leaking from both ends of the truck, so I stood around with a fire extinguisher.  So now we had 4 trucks, and two were on their sides.  People kept passing and taking pictures while the guys worked furiously to fix everything.  And fix everything they did!  Thank goodness.  As for me, I wasn't much help, but still managed to hurt myself sitting down on a rock. 

Nonetheless, I can't say I wouldn't do it again! It was quite the adventure :-D

Which makes me want to hear about other people's adventures.  Write about one of yours in the comment section, and the best story will get a $50 gift card to the House of Blues!

It doesn't have to be anything like mine, just as long as it's cool :)

Share your story by Thursday August 11th, and I will announce the winner that day!


Good luck :)

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