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James Bond and Indiana Jones take on space monsters!

I laughed, I cried – I screamed! I was surprised, touched, amused and very entertained.  Cowboys and Aliens is a cool genre, the Western-Sci-Fi and kicked ass for most of the two hours. Plenty of bang for your buck here!

The anti-hero, played by Daniel Craig, begins the movie in the middle of nowhere, with no memory and wearing a strange, bulky bracelet. It's like a typical Western where a stranger comes to town and meets a lot of its quirky characters, including a wealthy, grisly old man, played by Harrison Ford.

The acting is superb! Besides the excellent Craig and Ford, there's the gorgeous and fabulous Olivia Wilde (who gets naked), Sam Rockwell and Keith Carridine. It's well directed by John Favreau.

Cowboys and Aliens is 70% western and 30% sci-fi. It would've been an enjoyable western on it's own, but probably wouldn't have made as much money. I think it's a cool idea to combine the space monsters in a dusty, dirty desert town and this crew of stars made it work.

I loved that the criminals had to join forces with the lawmen; the good guys had to work together with the bad guys; the cowboys and the Indians all needed to band together to save the Earth and preserve mankind. It turned into Us vs. Them and I loved every minute of it. This is the don't miss movie of the summer.

Just a personal observation: Daniel Craig's butt looked SO freakin' cute! I couldn't help notice it during the entire movie.

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