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Whatta ya hate?

By Ruth 66
It's Friday - time to get the hate out before we start the weekend. This has been driving me crazy lately - I HATE HUNTER TYLO'S FISH LIPS!  She use to be one of the most beautiful women on TV, but look what she's done to herself!

Look how gorgeous she use to be! Why would she do this to herself and who told her it looks good?!?!?! I hate that so many actors get bad plastic surgery, fillers, etc. and prefer to look like aliens rather than accept a few wrinkles.

Since two of my soaps are being canceled, I've decided to pick up a new one and try out The Bold and The Beautiful on CBS. It's the sister soap to my Young & Restless. I watched it years ago and it wasn't too bad, but l couldn't help notice there's still a love triangle between Brooke, Ridge and Taylor.... UGH ... I might not stick with it.
While I'm hatin' here, Ridge (Ron Moss), needs to friggin' shave off that faux beard! All this week, it looked more like dirt than hair - it's f'ugly! You have a great face dude - don't cover it up!

I feel much better now.

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