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I couldn't live without...

Finish this sentence, "I couldn't live without…"
For me, it would be Trader Joe's. Before I start gushing
about my grocery store boyfriend I want you to know that
I'm not being paid to write this. I just seriously love that
place so much that I felt compelled to express my love
I know I'm not alone in my love for Joe. I have no idea
who this woman is but see how excited she is to be
shopping there?

Their desserts are to die for, anyone tried the Inside Out
Carrot Cake Cookies? You'll die. The Joe Joe's and Cream
ice cream? Dying. Cream Puffs? Dead.
Lately their salads have been on fire. Salads, you say? On
fire? Yes! Fear not the Brussels Sprouts Salad, it's delish.

See, their salads are so good even super hot celebrities like
Jessica Alba eat ‘em.

Of course they have the most kick-ass good deals on wine.
2-Buck-Chuck is really just scratching the surface.

Our Pug gets hooked up by Joe too, their dog treats are nice

and cheap and one of the few I've found that don't give
him the scoots.

I love that their organic fruit is sometimes less expensive
than their regular fruit. I love that their flowers and plants
sell for half the price of the store right next door. I love that
I can get a big can of great quality coffee beans for $4.99. I
love that they give little kids stickers. I love that they pack
the heck outta your bags fitting everything in there like a
puzzle, and I love that I can get 3 of those jam packed bags
of groceries for $50.
There's only one thing I can think of that I DON'T love
about Trader Joe's: when they suddenly and inexplicably
discontinue something I LOVE! Bugs.

If only TJ's sold baby food and diapers I'd move in and
live happily ever after.



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