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Ruth's Booth - Boozy whipped cream?!!

Boozy Whipped Cream?!!

I've been sober for more than 23 years and there's one thing that continually pisses me off - new delicious, booze concoctions! The latest one is alcohol infused whipped cream - nicknamed, whipahol. Dang, that's sounds fun! Now who doesn't enjoy sticking a can of whipped cream right in their mouth and swallowing a couple of sweet, fluffy clouds? But imagine doing it and getting a buzz! It's said to be flying off liquor store shelves.

One of the companies offering this product is Whipped Lightning and it comes in lots of yummy flavors. Its website has lots of scrumptious looking recipes. They say you don't have to refrigerate the product, but you do have to shake vigorously before using. It contains 16% alcohol, so some people are using it for binge drinking and over doing it. Please use it responsibly and don't be a douche.

Another brand is Canisters of Cream, with 15% alcohol. You can squirt a dollop on a shot or top off your coffee and hot chocolate, plus mix it in drinks and cocktails or add it on a dessert. It's website claims, "CREAM offers the simple pleasures of traditional whipped cream with grown-up benefits." Nice.

Have you tried any of the whipahol products yet? I'd love to know what it's like?


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