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Ruth's Booth - Man eats beard

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By Ruthie

During Craig Ferguson's monologue the other night, he mentioned a story about a man in Kentucky eating his own beard. He said the big news story out of England that day was Prince William getting engaged. He was happy that things in America were much easier to understand, like a man being forced to eat his own beard. (big laugh from audience) He showed the photo seen below, but didn't give any other details. I was curious, so I googled – man eats beard – and found out what happened.

A TV news station interviewed the victim, Harvey Westmoreland of Lawrenceburg, Kentucky. He says two drunken friends came over to his house one night in May and demanded to buy his riding lawnmower for $250. Harvey claims to have paid only $20 for it, so the two men accused him of ripping them off. The three began to argue and things went wacko. Knives and guns were pulled out and the two started cutting off Big Harvey's beard and forced him eat it. He says he was in fear for his life and did as they instructed.

The men finally let Harvey go, but only after promising to kill him if he told the cops. Harvey explained everything to police and the two men were arrested. They pled guilty to assault and are expected to be fined and sentenced to supervision diversion. As you can tell from the photo, Big Harvey's beard grew back, but it's not yet as long as it was before he ate some of it. You really should hear Harvey tell the story in his very thick, Southern accent.

Some people just shouldn't drink.


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