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Ruth's Booth - My own list for sexiest man alive 2010

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By Ruthie

People magazine chose actor Ryan Reynolds as its Sexiest Man Alive 2010. That's a fine choice, but I decided to make my own list. I like all kinds of looks from pretty boys to the rugged masculine types and more classic handsome faces. I'm like ‘em young and old, foreign and American and in all colors. What makes a man sexy? I love a great smile, gorgeous eyes, a bit of stubble, maybe a good head of hair can be sexy; but it's the overall attitude. See if you agree with my list of 12, plus a few bonus boys. Enjoy!

There are three hotties on People's current list that I'm choosing for my own list: #12. Jesse Williams from Grey's Anatomy has mesmerizing eyes which seem hypnotic! The rest of him isn't bad either.

11. This year, the smash hit vampire show on HBO, True Blood, introduced us to the werewolf Alcide, played by the gorgeous, Joe Manganiello.

10. Ya gotta love the classic good looks of Jon Hamm from the hit show on AMC, Mad Men.

9. A long time favorite of mine is Clive Owen. How has he not made any of these covers? Go see any movie he's in, because he's a wonderful actor and always watchable.

8. Taye Diggs has one of the most killer smiles in the world!

7. Young Zac Effron is prettier than most girls. I'm sure he'll make the People cover when he gets older.

6. I have mad love for Halle Berry's current beaux, Oliver Martinez. I fell in lust with the French actor in the movie, Unfaithful, where Diane Lane cheated with him on Richard Gere.

5. Halle Berry's last boyfriend, model Gabriel Aubry also makes my list. Talk about pretty!

4. Another pretty, young man is Chace Crawford from my favorite guilty pleasures, Gossip Girl.


#3. I tune in to watch The Mentalist every week just to gawk at Aussie, Simon Baker.

#2. I would be remiss not to include the sexy star of the Transformer movies, Tyrese Gibson.

There have been two cover choices from previous James Bond Movies; Sean Connery in 1989 (the oldest cover guy) and Pierce Brosnan in 2001.

#1. So where is the newest and hottest James Bond of all time; Daniel Craig? He is my number one choice for Sexiest Man Alive in 2010.

Let's take a little walk down memory lane at some of the past covers of People magazine for its Sexiest Man Alive. Do you know which actor graced the first cover back in 1985? Would you believe it was Mel Gibson? Let's just say he hasn't aged as well as some of the other guys.

Nor did Nick Nolte. He was so handsome in Prince of Tides and made the cover in 1992. Unfortunately, his infamous mug shot from 2002 is better known.

Check out Mark Harman from 1986 and today. Still sexy.


Harry Hamlin in 1987 and now. Definitely sexy.

There have been four men who made the Sexiest Man Alive cover twice: Brad Pitt in 1995 and 2000

George Clooney 1997 and 2006

Richard Gere in 1993 (they went with Sexiest Couple that year) and again in 1999.

Johnny Depp in 2003 and again last year, 2009.

Other favorite of mine is the gorgeous Aussie, Hugh Jackman in 2008.

And Matthew McConaughey in 2005.

And who can forget John F. Kennedy Jr. in 1988. This is the best selling SMA cover of all time.

John-John and Patrick Swayze are the only two who are now deceased. Here's Swayze in 1991.

In 1986, Denzil Washington became the first black man to get this pop culture "award."

I still adore Jude Law, cover boy in 2004.

Here are a few more hotties worth noting: Yet another Brit, the wonderful Orlando Bloom.

Idris Alba, the brilliant Brit featured in "The Big C " on Showtime.

And French actor, Gilles Marini, from Sex and The City II and Dancing With The Stars.

Who's on your list?




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