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WHOA, I'm a mom!

It's a rare quiet moment in the house. My husband is still at work, my little munchkin girl is asleep in her swing and Owen the Pug is lounging on top of the couch cushions, his favorite spot (which we had finally trained him NOT to do but once the baby arrived all that went out the window) so I thought I'd write a little blog update.

I've experienced a lot in the last 7 weeks! Lilah was born on June 24th and has been filling our home with joy ever since... well, joy and a lot of dirty diapers and burp cloths covered in sweet baby spit up that is. I mean seriously, I don't think the washing machine has stopped running since we got home from the hospital.

Labor was well, LABOR. But it's true what mom's say when you share your fears and anxiety about the whole thing: the weird ailments and aches and pains of pregnancy and all the pain you endure giving birth really does vanish as soon as you see their smooshed, red, little face and hear their beautiful cry. Pregnancy amnesia is real, I guess that's why some of us decide to have another... and maybe another.

As a new mom I'm trying to master all the important stuff like NOT changing a diaper at the exact moment a major bowel movement is about to occur, eating one-handed at the counter (usually a well-balanced meal like an Uncrustables and a Diet Coke) while feeding Lilah at the same time (now that's multi-tasking!), walking Owen while pushing a stroller and maneuvering a shopping cart with a carseat on top through Target.

Getting to know my little Lilah Bunny is the adventure of a lifetime but when I get back from maternity leave I look forward to joining another adventure that's already underway, a new and exciting chapter at the radio station with The DSC on Jack! I've been by to visit and I can tell you the energy in the halls is electric! Having them there has breathed new life into that place and the icing on the cake is that they're the nicest group of people you could ever ask for to work with. Until then, I'm going to enjoy every minute of my first summer with Princess Pantload.

Speaking of which, I think I hear the little monkey crying. Quiet moment over.

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