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Emily Maguire

Emily Jane Maguire grew up on the mean streets of Auburn, Washington. The Seattle suburb, once known as Slaughter (forced to change its name after a bitter battle in the courts with a certain 80’s glam band which shall remain nameless), is home to world-renowned rap artist, Sir Mix A Lot, and now the up and coming Miss Maguire. Growing up she idolized Punky Brewster, but things changed quickly when she narrowly missed being the victim of a drive-by shooting outside of her local donut shop. Life suddenly seemed short and she realized it must consist of more than meticulously color-coordinated outfits, dance recitals and friendly neighborhood games of Kick the Can. Refusing to be trapped in the shadows of Mt. Rainier and Sir Mix A Lot, Emily decided it was time to make a name for herself. Using her girlish charm, Emily first convinced a DJ to let her introduce a song on air at the age of 13. As the sound of her voice penetrated (yes, I said penetrated) the airwaves for the first time, announcing the classic hit, “I Wish” by Skee-lo, her love affair with radio began. Nurturing that love, the overachieving youngster enrolled in radio classes at her local community college at the tender age of 15.

Landing her own gig on the local college radio station, KGRG, quickly took Emily’s love affair with radio to an obsession. While at KGRG Emily had the good fortune of meeting Julie Pilat, who became a life-long mentor and friend. Julie saw the sparkle in Emily’s eye and was eager to usher her to the next level despite her young age. At 16, Emily was working at a popular Seattle radio station, KUBE 93, and found her teenage self meeting and greeting some of the biggest names in the business. Grateful to have networked with and learned from the best, Emily decided to head south to get her education on at SDSU. While living the life of an Aztec, she scored a gig with the notorious morning-show tyrants named Dave, Shelly and Chainsaw. Emily feels so blessed to have spent thirteen years with the DSC and all the opportunities that have been afforded her thanks to the support of her incredible morning show family, as well as the love from their kick a$$ listeners!

In her free time Emily enjoys running (some say she runs very similar to the fastest of Lorises), passionately supports her Seahawks, eats potatoes in all forms, speaks Japanese like a 17 2/3 month old and detests all things vampire related. Just a little small talk ammo for the next time you encounter this sassy brunette.

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