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As I write this, I'm watching the Discovery Channel documentary called "Woodstock: Then and Now." What strikes me the most while watching this show is the way that technology has progressed over the ensuing forty years.

In the film, stage announcer Chip Monck is heard delivering the 1969 version of voice mail, saying, (and I'm paraphrasing this), "Attention, Joe Blow, please call your father in New Paltz at the Bates Motel." Then the kid would have to stand in a line hundreds of concertgoers long at a far-away bank of pay phones. Ha! How quaint!

There were no production values at Woodstock. None of that stuff mattered at the time! The stage was made of plywood, surrounded by metal scaffolding, plus a few spotlights. It was rudimentary when compared to, say, a Pink Floyd concert at that time, which, iteself, was laughable by current standards.

None of that stuff probably occurred to promoters Michael Lang, Artie Kornfeld and John Roberts. Their concern was that the event actually went off. In that respect, they succeeded. Peacefully.






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