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I grew up in a couple of small towns in Pennsylvania, then studied Journalism in my first year of college. My addiction to drugs and alcohol distracted me from doing anything meaningful, so I became a hooker when I was 22. That was the quickest way to make “easy money” so I could afford to move to CA. I packed up the Caddy with my wolf dog and my ex-con, boyfriend and drove cross-country to San Diego. One night at a party, I met some fun people from Jazz 88 and decided to try radio. I went to San Diego City College for six years and never graduated. I blame the drugs and living in fear for my lack of focus. But I hit bottom in 1986, got sober and quickly landed my first on-air commercial radio job doing traffic reports on half a dozen different radio stations in San Diego.

After Airwatch Traffic, I worked behind the scenes as a talk show producer and news writer, followed by morning show sidekick and features writer on a music station. I even wrote a column about San Diego radio in a now defunct magazine. When I landed at Shadow Broadcasting In 1994, I did traffic and news reports at a number of stations, which included Rock 102 and The Dave, Shelly and Chainsaw Show. That's when Dave gave me the name Ruth 66 and got me kicked off my other stations, so I was able to be exclusive to The DSC Show.


Getting clean and sober, then continuously maintaining my sobriety since Sept. 7, 1987. I then replaced drugs and booze with food and gained a lot of weight. But now, thanks to the Medifast Centers of San Diego, I’m maintaining a 100 pound weight loss and working to lose an additional 40 pounds. It’s been a major life journey, full of fascinating lessons.


Working in my chosen field since 1986 and being on the same show for 20 years now! It was difficult being out of work for seven months in 2010 but I'm glad I got fired, because it led me to the best job I've ever had, here at JACK-FM 100.7.


I grew up in a small town in PA with an alcoholic father, codependent mother, two brothers and two sisters. My older brother was murdered when he was 11 and I was 10. That event effected my life in a profound way. Two of my three remaining siblings had drug and alcohol problems, while my youngest sister got pregnant and married at age 14. There’s a happy ending though; we’re all sober now and my youngest sister is STILL married to that same guy and is now a grandmother!


I love art! I enjoy painting with acrylics, adding collage and other mixed media elements. I also love photography, going to see art, hanging out with other artists, talking about art and taking art classes. I adore watching old, black and white movies on TV and getting obsessed with various TV shows at any given time. I go to a gym, work with a trainer, ride my bike, walk in local parks and beaches and hope to add yoga to my regimen.


I started out as a traffic reporter, hence the name, Ruth 66; but stopped after I got fired the first time. I’ve always been a side-kick person, but I also handle the social media for our show. You can follow us on Twitter at: TheDSCshow and my “like” our Facebook posts at: DSC on Jack 100.7.

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